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pdf files, your download will be 15 MB. Contents: ============================================================================ Basic flying in FSX: This is a comprehensive control list of everything you need to know about basic flying in FSX. It's written for the Elite series of simulators, but the techniques used here will work for the earlier and later simulators, too. ============================================================================= Detailed list of settings: 1. Selecting your aircraft. Any joystick or flight stick can be used to fly an aircraft in FSX. Use the right stick for your aircraft and the left stick to control your elevators and rudders. Other axes are for trimming, roll, and pitch. Two-stick setups are common when flying aircraft with very strong elevators, like the IL-2 and Tu-22. You can use your left stick to pull the nose up or down, and the right stick to control your elevators. Many game makers will program their aircraft to be controllable with two sticks, as well. In FSX, the aircraft respond to your commands, so you don't need to use a rudder to correct for a yaw and use the elevators to stop an excess of yaw. You may find that your particular aircraft uses only one stick. For example, the Tu-95 uses only the right stick for elevator commands. In this case, you can use the left stick to pull the nose up or down, and the right stick to control your elevators. Other controls are not the only way to fly an aircraft. You can also use accelerometers and gyroscopes to fly aircraft, which has a great deal of appeal to those who like the more exciting realism of high-speed flight. You'll need to use stick stick steering to fly most of the aircraft in FSX. The only exception is the F-104, which has a tricycle landing gear and a rear-facing propeller. This means that the aircraft has a high center of gravity and it can be controlled with a single stick. You can switch your controls between sticks by using the [Ctrl] key. For those of you who use the Microsoft Sidewinder Elite joystick, you can use the [Fn] button to select controls. 1a. Select




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Fsx Tastaturbelegung Deutsch Pdf Downloadl eostmark
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